Pulse-jet bag filters

Simatek A/S produces bag filters for industrial aspiration systems and pneumatic conveying lines. The Simatek brand stands for reliable filters with low emission values. Almost 10.000 delivered filters all around the world already. Simatek filters are used in food, chemical, wood handling, paper and feed industry amongst others. A comprehensive programme with filter models for all needs. Special models for intake pits, conveyors and pneumatic blowing lines.

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Rotary valves and 2-way diverters

Olocco rotary valves are manufactured in steel or acid proof steel. Housings are cast, ensuring a cost-effective and strong solution. Rotary valves are used as airlocks under cyclones and filters and as feeding or dosing units from silos or in pneumatic conveying systems. Olocco diverting valves are solidly built from cast steel or cast aluminium alloy. They are used in pneumatic conveying lines to distribute the conveyed product to several points of use from incoming line. For abrasive products special versions or coatings can be used.

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Butterfly- and slide-gate valves

Mix srl butterfly valves are an economical valve solution. It is suitable for closing of flows underneath hoppers and silos. It can be used for different granules and powders as well as liquids. The split-housing is in aluminium alloy, internal sealing ring or completely lined with rubber sealing. Mix srl slide gate valves offer a cost effective solution for hoppers, silos and conveyors. They are mainly used with granular products.

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Silo filters

Mix Srl Filter is an economical solution for smaller silo filters when the price is decisive.

Filters are used in feed, food, chemical and building material industry (grain silos, flour silos, cement silos etc.). Filters can also be used for spot filtration from bag dumps, single machines or small packing lines.

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Compression couplings, bends, pipe parts

Compression couplings for standard pipes can be used to build pneumatic conveying lines in both vacuum and pressure conveying. Installation is very fast, and the orientation for bends is easy. Couplings are widely used also in central cleaning system pipings. We also supply necessary big radius bends branches etc. for piping systems.

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Centrifugal and axial fans

Euroventilatori Srl. produce some 25.000 fans per year. Therefore, almost any needs for fans can be met.

You can also have all necessary auxiliaries as flexible connections, throttle valves, vibration dampers etc.

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Filter bags and filter materials

We supply filter bags to all kinds of dust filters, special models according to specifications or a model.

Filter media is of high quality, and the bags are with sewn or welded seams.

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Rotary valve compressors

Robuschi is the second biggest producer of low pressure compressors in Europe. Rotary and screw compressors are used for example in pneumatic conveying lines. Compressors can be supplied as ready built compressor units, complete with valves, silencers and the noise reduction enclosure.

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