Cleaning and sorting machines

Cimbria is an industry-leading producer of equipment for the grain handling industry. Cimbria is able to supply all the equipment for handling, cleaning and grading of seeds.

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Cimbria produces conveying equipment suitable for handling of many bulk products. Chain conveyors, belt conveyors, screw conveyors and elevators in all capacity classes. The conveyors are standardized and supplied in modules for easy handling and transport to the installation place. Competitive prices, thanks to automated production and surface treatment. Conveyors are manufactured in standard and heavy duty versions.

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Grain dryers

Cimbria continuously operating dryers are suitable for high capacity drying. As heat source the dryer can use an oil burner gas burner, steam or hot water.

Direct heating with gas gives a clean and extremely energy saving drying.

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Modular square silos

Cimbria modular silos are on site, bolt assembled from pre-manufactured elements. Elements are easily transported to the installation place and factory produced parts fit well together. Silos can be integrated with buildings and they can be covered with a roof construction or insulation. The square silo shape effectively uses available space. Mandoors, stairs, connections etc. are produced according to a customer’s order.

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Loading chutes

Cimbria Moduflex loading chutes are designed for a dust free and well controlled out loading of bulk products. There are already almost 15.000 references of supplied loading chutes. They are produced for all needs, open lorries, tankers, containers, railway wagons, ship loading and flat storage piling. Bellows can be supplied with integrated filters, or connected to an external aspiration system.

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Van Aarsen International B.V. produces process equipment, mainly for the needs of feed industry. Multimix paddle mixers are used for mixing of powder or granular products quickly and accurately. Mixers are produced in one or two shaft design. Often mixers are equipped complete with liquid dosing system.

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Hammer mills

Van Aarsen International B.V. produces process equipment, mainly for the needs of feed industry. Hammer mills are designed for fine grinding of products like grain and other feed raw-materials. They are rigidly built, long lasting machines. Milling lines can also be supplied complete, including all auxiliary equipment like conveyors, hoppers, filters and sieves.

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Pelleting machines

Van Aarsen International B.V. produces process equipment, mainly for the needs of feed industry. The Compact Pellet mill is intended for pelleting of fine ground materials, to produce feed and wood pellets, soya products and pellets from side streams in the brewery and the food industry. Pellet diameters are chosen to suit the product.

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Feed Conditioners

Van Aarsen International B.V. produces process equipment, mainly for the needs of feed industry. LTC and LTV conditioners are used for heat treatment of feed material, before the pelleting. This increases nutritional value and pellet quality. An adequate heat treatment also ensures safe (salmonella free) feed production. Reduced energy consumption on pellet mill.

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Samplers and sample transport

Pfeuffer Rakoraf samplers are used for sampling of incoming bulk products or outgoing final product. The DVB sampler is used to sample from gravity flow conveying pipes. Sample is taken at pre-set intervals and it can be adjusted. If required the sample can be pneumatically conveyed from the sampling point to the laboratory, for example.

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Truck samplers

Pfeuffer Rakoraf CEE samplers are used for sampling of bulk products directly from truck loads.

The sample is pneumatically conveyed from the sampler for example to the laboratory.

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Rueter plansifters are designed for sieving and fractioning of fine and granular products. The inventive construction eliminates vibration forces and permits to position the sieve without heavy support constructions.

Sieves are manufactured with 4 or 1 sieve departments.

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Milling equipment

Satake Europe Ltd is specialized in equipment for the grain milling industry, maize and rice handling machines.

A comprehensive range of machines from intake pre cleaning, to ready flour and products.

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Silo dischargers for final emptying

Morillon Hydrascrew is a strong silo discharger for extremely poor flowing bulk products. Products that are very light, very heavy, greasy, fibrous etc. The discharger is designed to be used when a silo is full of material and it discharges the material evenly from below trough first in/ first out principle.

Hydrascrew dischargers are used for example in waste handling, mechanical wood handling, building materials and feed industry. Morillon Spirogyre is designed for flat bottom silos, to empty flat bottom silos when gravity discharge is completed. They are used with products that flow easily, such as grains, seeds and some pellets.

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